Tailgating, playing golf, or traveling – nearly everyone who spends time outdoors or at crowded events will face the problem. Sometimes…you gotta pee.

dreamstime_xxl_78715851Ever see that guy on the side of the road with his passenger door open trying to hide as he pees while cars and trucks “whiz” by? Don’t be him!

Port-o-pots or public restrooms are not always available or convenient or too far away to walk to before it is too late. The line could be just too long to hold it and even when distance and overcrowding isn’t a concern, the facilities themselves can be disgusting and unsanitary.

dreamstime_xxl_67821495Peeing in public can result in a fine or worse. In New York City alone, upwards of 24,000 public urination violations are issued each year. Public urination can lead to fines, jail time, and a misdemeanor on your record in some localities. Even in places where public urination is not technically illegal, you could still face charges for indecent exposure or disturbing the peace.
At crowded events and outdoor situations of every kind, your options for relieving yourself are limited.

Avoid possible arrest, embarrassment, discomfort and unwanted wetness and odor. Pee on your terms with the patented Pee-time Privacy Pouch!

With the Pee-time Privacy Pouch, you can take care of #1 in a 100% legal, hygienic, discreet way. An outer apron creates a privacy shield to let you relieve yourself inconspicuously, while an inner, water resistant section holds a urinal bottle or disposable urinal bag. Your hands slip through the hidden slots on each side too easily and privately manipulate your junk to take care of business. When not in use, you can carry it in the companion sack or fold it up around your back side and wear it like a fanny pack.

Sometimes…you gotta pee.

The patented design of the Pee-time Privacy Pouch lets you take care of #1 in a 100% legal, hygienic, discreet way.

Where Can You Use It?

Tailgating – Stop spending the pregame standing in line with a full bladder, waiting for disgusting port-o-pots to free up.

Stadiums and sports events – never miss another play or have to say “excuse” me over and over as you squeeze by 20 people to get out of your aisle to stand in a 30 minute line to take a piss.

dreamstime_xxl_97287733Golfing – Breeze through another 9 holes without a clubhouse break. Your golf partners will thank you for keeping the game going, and chances are the greens don’t need any more watering.

On the Job – Construction workers, first responders, truckers, roofers, pilots, commuters, window cleaners, landscape workers, and professionals in a wide range of work environments all need access to a discreet, legal, sanitary way to relieve themselves.

Outdoor Activities – Bikers, hikers, joggers, dog walkers, and more all need a little privacy when nature calls and the nearest bathroom is out of reach.

Festivals, Concerts & Outdoor Events –
Attendees of the Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration have been known to go to extreme lengths to deal with the lack of facilities, even wearing adult diapers all night because once they get a spot to watch the ball drop they have nowhere to go. With the Pee-time Privacy Pouch, you can go like a big boy (or girl).

Traveling – No more pulling off the highway for a side of the road risk or hunting for a gas station, only to find the bathroom so filthy, they may as well have put a hole in the ground. Relieve yourself privately in your vehicle or outside of it without detection.

Eldercare and medical facilities – a must for senior citizens or those with bladder control and prostrate issues.

Where Else Can I Use It?