• Patented Design


    The patented Pee-time Privacy Pouch is specially designed to allow legal, discreet, and sanitary urination in public environments. The outer apron creates a privacy shield that lets you relieve yourself inconspicuously. On the inside, a water-resistant inner section is strategically placed to hold a plastic bottle, disposable urinal bag, or just about anything that holds liquid. Two side pockets let you discreetly maneuver your junk into position. When you’ve finished, simply remove the disposable urine bag, bottle or its contents.The Pee-time privacy pouch clips around your waist and can be folded and worn like a fanny pack or stowed away in the carrying sack when not in use.

  • Products & styles

    The Pee-time Privacy Pouch is available in a range of stylish colors, including your favorite team’s colors. Show other teams who’s really #1!

    Check back for additional designs!

    We can have your special order Pee-time Privacy Pouch custom sewn with any specialty fabric you provide!

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  • Female Urination Device Compatible

    The Pee-time Privacy Pouch is compatible with Go Girl, Shewee and other feminine urination devices, because Girls Gotta Pee too! Keep an eye out for The Pee-time Privacy Skirt!
  • Don’t Forget the Children

    Yes, they pee too! Keep an eye out for the Pee Wee Pee-time Privacy Pouch!

  • Reusable or Disposable Urine Containers

    image1The Pee-time Privacy Pouch comes with (3) three disposable urine bags.

    Any plastic bottle can be safely and discretely stored inside the inner water-resistant compartment or travel bag until the contents can be disposed of properly.

    Disposable Urinal Bags

    When used with disposable urinal bags that feature an absorbent polymer, all liquid and odor is locked inside a leak-proof, non-toxic container that meets EPA and OSHA requirements to dispose of in any trash container.

    We recommend the use of TravelJohn Urinal Bags:

    • Convenient, unisex shape allows anyone to use
    • Biodegradable pouch features unique Liqsorb material to absorb liquid waste and odors
    • Non-toxic container is leak and spill-proof, meets EPA and OSHA requirements for disposal.

    See www.traveljohn.com Sold on AmazonTravel John’s  NEW Industrial Strength or Sportsman Bag-in-Zipper Resealable Urinal
    1 2

    CareBag® Male Urinal with Super Absorbent PadCareBag® Male Urinal replaces plastic urinal. No more spills and contamination! With its closing system and absorbent pad, CareBag® Male Urinal captures bad odors, and turns urine into gel. See www.cleanis.com Sold on Amazon.

    Use the Pee-time Privacy Pouch with almost anything that holds liquid.

    Large mouth sports bottles:

    Non-transparent plastic bottles:

    Disposable cups

    Frankly, your generic zip lock baggies from the grocery store are an affordable and reliable alternative to specialized urine bags and containers. The wide opening in some respects makes using the Pee-time privacy Pouch that much easier!


    The Pee-time Privacy pouch patent also covers the concept of one-time use disposable aprons! There is nothing like it on the market and it brings urination to a whole new level. Imagine using a biodegradable disposable apron and simply discarding it after use! That’s right, # 1, and done!

  • Patent Owner Background – The Back Story

    Mr. Mastracci has been a practicing attorney in Baltimore, Maryland for 30 years. He is married with one son, also an attorney. Mr. Mastracci is the author of the award-winning and widely acclaimed book: Stop Fighting Over the Kids: Resolving Day-to-Day Custody Conflict in Divorce Situations. Above and beyond his many professional accomplishments, his claim to fame is being an avid SHARK TANK enthusiast. Accordingly, one day while on his way to court and being stuck in traffic he barely made it into the parking garage where he was prepared to “go” and while exiting his vehicle he peed his pants in front of passersby! It was at that moment he realized, “There must be a better way!”